Analytical Services Procurement and Management

The following are services provided by EDQ in support of laboratory procurement and management:

Developing analytical bid specifications and soliciting proposals from laboratories;

Evaluating cost proposals provided by laboratories

Scheduling analyses and placing sample container orders with the laboratory;

Tracking the progress of sample analysis including the identification and resolution of problems with the laboratory;

Acting as a clearinghouse for all analysis reports and data packages from laboratory; and

Reviewing and approving analytical services invoices.

These services can also be purchased from any of a group of laboratories which have been evaluated and approved by EDQ. Scopes of work or outlines of project technical specifications for analytical programs can be geared to meet clients' needs. Upon receipt of solicited proposals from analytical laboratories, the evaluation of costs based on the developed scope, and the appropriate recommendation for laboratory selection can be made. The procurement of analytical services in this manner ensures both a minimum of cost and risk in meeting project requirements.

EDQ has carefully evolved working relationships with several prominent environmental testing laboratories. These long established relationships have resulted in benefits such as the laboratory's appointment of client services representatives responsible for EDQ projects; availability of laboratory technical staff to EDQ for information exchange; and daily pick-up of samples as well as daily delivery of analysis reports and data packages from laboratories. EDQ can also retrieve laboratory data via modem and using the Internet. The need for the client to be concerned about scheduling or the delivery of analytical data is eliminated.

EDQ subcontracts analyses only to environmental testing laboratories which have demonstrated their abilities to perform quality analyses using EPA and other approved methodologies. EDQ cooperatively provides input and recommendations to laboratories for improved service and accuracy based on our validation. This feedback allows laboratories to continuously improve their performance and minimizes the generation of analytical data with basic problems such as incorrectly performed methods. An enhanced reliability in laboratory results allows our Quality Assurance (QA) chemists to cost-effectively focus on evaluating the usability of the data.

Laboratories which have been approved for use by EDQ are audited on an annual basis. Master Services Agreements are in place with EDQ-approved laboratories. EDQ maintains a complete file of laboratory capabilities and certifications.

In summary, the following are benefits of EDQ's services in support of laboratory procurement and management:


A minimum in cost required to meet project requirements is ensured through the use of analytical specifications during the laboratory RFP process.

The client project manager is free to focus on other areas of the project that need his or her attention by using EDQ for analytical services contracting and management.

The highest quality analytical data needed for its intended purpose is attained through the use of EDQ-approved laboratories.

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