Analytical Data Validation

EDQ performs data validation using state and federal guidelines. Because EDQ's QA chemists are usually involved with a project from Work Plan and QAPjP development, they are familiar with Project Data Quality Objectives (DQOs). For projects, where EDQ is not involved in Work Plan or QAPjP development, our QA chemists familiarize themselves with project DQOs prior to beginning data validation. This is accomplished by review of the project QAPjP, conference calls, client meetings, etc. Chemists can therefore, focus on evaluating the usability of the analytical data for the purpose for which it was collected.

EDQ has extensive experience in the validation of organic (including dioxin), inorganic, and radiochemistry data, including experience in validating TCL/TAL, PPL, Appendix IX, and wet chemistry data analyzed according to numerous methodologies. Validation has been performed for data generated for projects governed by USEPA Regions I, II, III, and V; State Agencies PADEP, NJDEP, and Ohio EPA; as well as USAEC, USACE, NFESC, and AFCEE.

EDQ's data validation is performed according to the general guidance provided in the "Laboratory Data Validation Functional Guidelines for Evaluating Organic Analysis, "USEPA 9/94; the Laboratory Data Validation Functional Guidelines for Evaluating Inorganics Analyses," USEPA 2/94; or regional or state modifications to the USEPA guidance documents. The data validation guidance documents were prepared specifically for validation of CLP TCL/TAL analyses. EDQ uses professional judgment and in-house guidance for non-CLP data review.

EDQ provides an independent assessment of the quality of analytical data. Because EDQ is independent of the sampling and analysis process, the validation and the resulting report are objective and legally defensible.

As discussed previously, EDQ can work with the client to design innovative and cost-effective data validation programs which meet the needs of the project.

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