Field Audit Programs

EDQ personnel are experienced in field sampling protocols, and have received OSHA 40 hour training in accordance with 29 CFR 1910. All field-related quality assurance activities are evaluated during an on-site systems field audit. Performing field audits ensures that the appropriate sample collection, documentation, and equipment decontamination procedures are used.

Specific elements of the on-site audit include the verification of the following:

Completeness and accuracy of sampling chain-of-custody documentation;

Completeness and accuracy of sample identification labels;

Completeness and accuracy of field notebooks, including documentation of times, dates, drillers' names, sampling methods used, sampling locations, number of samples collected, name of person collecting samples, types of samples, results of field measurements, soil logs, and any problems encountered during sampling;

Adherence to the required sampling equipment decontamination procedures;

Adherence to sample collection, preparation, preservation, and storage procedures;

Adherence to proper field measurement equipment calibration and testing procedures; and

Adherence to health and safety guidelines outlined in the Site Health and Safety Plan including wearing of proper protective clothing.

Upon completion of the laboratory or field audit, a report summarizing the findings and recommendations for corrective actions is prepared. EDQ can work with the laboratory or the field team to address and correct deficiencies, and perform follow up evaluations, if needed.

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