Corporate Environmental Laboratory and field Audit Programs

Laboratory Audit Programs

EDQ regularly performs systems audits of laboratories. These audits evaluate whether the laboratories have acceptable quality assurance programs in-place and also determine the laboratories' ability to perform analyses of samples in accordance with applicable standards. Conducting a laboratory audit prior to sending samples helps prevent costly resampling due to the poor quality of analytical data.

A laboratory systems audit consists of a review of the laboratory Quality Assurance Program Plan; touring the laboratory facilities; conducting interviews of laboratory personnel; and reviewing results of Performance Evaluation (PE) sample analyses. The items which are typically evaluated as part of a systems audit include the following:

Laboratory procedures for sample receipt and storage;

Chain of custody procedures;

Instrument calibration;

Adherence to approved methodologies for sample analysis;

Data reduction, validation, and reporting;

Laboratory procedures for performance and systems audits;

Laboratory procedures for implementing and documenting corrective actions;

Laboratory facilities and equipment;

Laboratory in-house Quality Assurance/Quality Control program; and,

Instrumentation available for analysis, data deliverable capabilities, etc.

If a laboratory is being audited for a specific project, EDQ can also evaluate the laboratory based on project requirements. This can be done prior to sending project samples to the laboratory, or while the samples are in-house.

EDQ can develop Performance Evaluation (PE) sample programs to supplement the laboratory on-site systems audits. Blind or double blind PE samples can be prepared and sent to the laboratory for analysis. Double blind PE samples are assigned fictitious sample identifications, and submitted to the laboratory with actual field samples. Upon receipt of PE sample results, EDQ prepares a report evaluating the results relative to the analyte true values.

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