Quality Assurance Project Plan review, Development, and Implementation

EDQ can serve as an independent reviewer of Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPjPs) that are developed by consulting or engineering firms. Often these firms do not have an understanding of the Data Quality Objective (DQO) or analytical processes. These QAPjPs are sometimes developed based on templates of documents that have been accepted by regulatory agencies for similar programs. Submitting a poorly written or deficient QAPjP can impact program costs and also delay schedule. Addressing agency comments for these documents can add weeks, even months onto a project schedule. EDQ can perform an independent review of these QAPjPs and provide insight as to the documentís level of detail, appropriateness, based on DQOs, and their likelihood of acceptance by regulatory agencies.

EDQ can design innovative and cost-effective data validation programs which meet the needs of the project. The design of data validation program is most appropriate during QAPjP development. The data validation approach and the deliverables required can be determined. Data validation strategies and deliverable needs can also be discussed as part of agency negotiation during the QAPjP review and approval process. Validation of all analytical data generated is not always necessary. Often, validation of only a fraction of the data can accomplish project objectives without sacrificing quality.

EDQ has extensive experience in the preparation of QAPjPs for CERCLA/SARA, RCRA, and NPDES regulatory programs, and has prepared numerous QAPjPs for sites located within the regions served by EDQ. QAPjPs are prepared using USEPA's "Interim Guidelines and Specifications for Preparing Quality Assurance Project Plans, QAMS-005/80", "Data Quality Objectives Process For Superfund, EPA 540-R-93-071", "EPA Requirements for Quality Assurance Project Plans QA/R-5, August 1994, and other guidance documents. EDQ has authored over 25 QAPjPs for projects governed by USEPA Regions I, II, III, IV and V; state agencies PADEP, NJDEP, Florida DEP, and Ohio EPA; as well as USAEC, USACE, NFESC, and AFCEE.

EDQ can assist in QAPjP implementation, including reviewing requirements and procedures with the project team, performing laboratory and field audits, initiating corrective actions and evaluating their impact, and revising the QAPjP to accommodate changing DQOs.

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